Acupuncture for Detox?

Hugh Hayward - Chinese Medicine Practitioner

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We don’t tend to use the term detox in Chinese medicine and acupuncture often. Maybe the typical patient of the ancient never had to deal with the plethora of environmental toxins, petrochemicals, drugs and processed and packaged foods like we see so much of today. 

The focus has not shifted much either, as the main incentive in the wholistic approach to treatment is based on helping the body to heal itself. 

We look at the organs that come into contact with these toxins and support them in their natural function in filtration, detoxification, prevention and processing. Kidney, Liver, Spleen, gut, skin and Lung all play a part in keeping your body clean and free of undesirables.

Chinese herbal medicine comes into play and can support the healthy function of these organs and promote their natural waste management system. If the patient has a cold or flu these herbs can help to remove the pathogen via purging or promoting sweating or urination.

Chi nei tsang abdominal massage is another essential in keeping your gut health in check and giving the organs a wake up call. It involves massaging the abdomen and the use of vibration, kneading and pushing to help with gut motility, liver function, fascial release and belly breathing techniques. Keeping your middle section in a state of balance will aid in your digestion and nutrient absorption, expulsion of waste and toxins and gut-brain parasympathetic rest and digest function.

We are bombarded with therapies, detox cleanses and fad diets and mis information and conspiracy theories that invade your facebook feed and it becomes overwhelming. The main goal for sustainable health and wellbeing is prevention and preparation. Eating organic, reducing coffee, alcohol and refined sugars and processed foods is a good start. Switching out from using plastics and avoiding buying packaged foods and unnatural cleaning products helps. Getting more sleep and exercising or sweating regularly aids gut repair and excretion of toxins through the pores and intestinal tract. Reducing exposure to EMF and EMR by switching off your wifi and putting your mobile phone in aeroplane mode before bed and when possible is another way to aid in reducing toxic strain on the body and improving sleep and detoxification. Fasting is another way to give your body a rest and help to eliminate toxins, providing it is done correctly. 

It sounds like a lot to take on but with the environmental considerations in check, treatment time with acupuncture and complementary therapies can be reduced hugely with a small amount of effort. Instant fixes and magic bullet detox cures can be left to the extremists and cabbage culture cultists bloggers!

We are currently practicing out of an awesome little health food shop in Pottsville NSW. They are having a workshop on Detox this month, which you can find out more about HERE