Hugh Hayward - Chinese Medicine Practitioner

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This is a note spun by broken records, but it deserves repeating. 

If it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t buy it. Don’t practice it, don’t immerse yourself in it and don’t surround yourself with it. Don’t waste your precious time and energy on it. Struggle will kill you slowly and painfully even if all of your friends think you are tough. 

It might seem like a simplistic, and romantic way to look at the struggle / reward loop, but I think; struggle is only real when the journey and the finish bring you joy. Not when you are caught in a spiral of addiction and suffering. 

The pathological fixation with struggle and the whole ideal we pass on to our collective offspring is just an ideal bred into us by our slavers. Cracking the whip of entrapment fuelled by their own struggle with enslavement.

It is our ego that enjoys the loop, because it gives us our identity. A drama and a story that we can grab onto and imagine our power. Is the battle worth the reward for the story and the scars and the ruined relationships, the battered and anxious narcissism and the senseless waste of time? We are all ruled by time, so spend it on joy and love. 

I can hear the voice of every living baby boomer on my shoulders whispering; you wouldn’t know struggle..Your generation takes everything for granted. The voice of my entrapment. Speaking from the graves of those angry ghosts. Angry because they had little joy from a life full of someone else’s purpose. Their story is nice. Maybe it is a good story to pass on. It has a nice ring to it and a nice message to gift our kids.                           
Maybe I want my kids to have a different story for their children. A story of joy, passion, truth and balance. 

I struggle with this choice every day. This struggle is real to me. I might or might not have worked tirelessly bearing broken nails or blistered soles, but this struggle is my relative prison. I want to gift my kids the thing I never had. The example of how to passionately express your truth and your creative desire in its rawest form.
Fuck the money. Fuck the struggle. Fuck the chains. Now go and be who you want to be and be courageous. Fuelled by love and joy. 

(said comfortably by a spoilt middle class white hetero male)

I am a healer, and I am trained to detect the disease first then manifest the solution. I always try to write positocentrically and with the upmost respect for proper English grammar. So please excuse the F bombs and dark passages. BUT this is my life’s mission. I mean it is literally my number one priority. My passion. I treat people every day who drag their ball and chain through life. I admire your strength but I grieve your suffering. You hang on to the thread of your withered romance in self abuse and your rational mind justifies it everyday, while your bodies cry on my table. 

Please help yourselves. Help me to see hope. So I can help myself. 

Spend time each day in immense passion. In intense joy. Share these moments with the people you love. Smile inside yourself.