Tui na (Chinese Remedial Massage)

Chinese remedial massage and moxibustion precede the use of acupuncture needles and in some cases can be the quickest way to get instant results. 

We use a combination of gentle and more vigorous techniques to suit the individual and to suit your threshold. At no point is the treatment intended to cause you extreme pain or discomfort, despite popular belief.

Often the treatment will conclude with Chi nei tsang abdominal massage and tips on meditative breathing techniques to aid digestion and metabolism. 

Using these techniques at home can triple your response to treatment and create an awareness of the subtle body. Something which can be valuable in responding to injury or just life in general.
We really believe that while short 15 minute massages can help acute suffering, a holistic, whole body, multi-system check up is the only way to get lasting results. For this reason, we only offer the one treatment type. 

Regular massage                 1hr                      $85

Paediatric Tui na

We also offer Tui na for kids. We find that children are quick healers and respond well to massage without needing acupuncture in most cases. The initial consult will consist of a gentle 30 minute massage followed by an instructional for the parents to continue treatment at home. 

Initial Paediatric Tui Na       1hr                     $85 

Return Paediatric Tui Na     45mins               $65


Health rebates are available. Just check with your provider to see if you are covered and bring your card along.