Love the details

We really feel that the guts are the window to the bowl .. ahem, I mean the soul.... 
More so than what you put in, it is about what you give back!

Lifestyle is the biggest healer around. We tell all of our patients, that if they ingested consciously, exercised regularly and slept well, they would never have to see us. Most importantly, do what you love or at least be content somehow. 

We follow our brains everywhere that we trudge through life, but we have largely forgotten to listen to that gut feeling. Our instinct, or spiritual awareness or higher consciousness is usually closer to the truth than our minds would like to admit. It might take a split second to conjure up a thought, but the gut reflexively knows the answer. 

It might not be the easiest thing for us to decide how you do this or what lifestyles changes you need to make, but here are some great sources by like minds who have inspired us to find our way. 

Grown and Gathered 
Anthony Williams The Medical Medium 
The Ultralight Hiker 
Josh James The Kiwi Bushman 
Whole Larder Love
Loni Jane
Dr. Bernard Jensen